Salt and Light

Salt and Light has been an amazing blessing in my life.  Recently a lot of crap has come up where they got unfairly slandered.  The same person who did this manipulated me into believing what he said and as a result I felt absolutely shattered once I learned the truth.

Nathan Montgomery pulled me aside and explained a lot of things to me.  He took time to make sure I understood what he was saying and let me take the time to process.  Because of my Autism it sometimes takes me longer to process things.  He didn’t insist that I look him in the eye, or tell me to put my phone away (I was fidgeting).

Salt and Light has let me be myself without judgement. I appreciate their support thru this whole pile of confusion and damaging emotions. I hope to someday be an employee not just a volunteer, but even if that doesn’t come to pass, I will use skills I have been learning at Salt and Light to work a real job.


Thank you Mike Jenkins, Nathan Montgomery, and Bethany Parker for all of your support.


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